Italy on fire

Half Italian territory on fire. The most difficult was the situation on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, where tourists evacuated from hotels and block highways, local media reported.

In Italy, the third week is 40-degree heat, which led to the spread of forest fires. On Sunday, fires were reported in half of the country.

The most dangerous situation on the east coast of Sardinia, San Teodoro. According to authorities, were evacuated from the disaster area about twenty thousand, five hundred of them foreign tourists.

In fire suppression in Sardinia involved four helicopters and four planes. On the island because of fire and smoke problems with transport links, the two tracks at the weekend were blocked.

Daily reports of new outbreaks of fire. At this point in Sardinia declared maximum danger.

Currently in Italy registered thirty-three source of fire. Except Sardinia, complicated situation arose in Sicily, Calabria, Campania, where the fires are put out from the air.


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