Japan devastated by the tsunami destroyed the whole city

A huge wave has broken home like a house of cards. Photo: boston.com
Japanese city Rikudzen-Takata in Iwate Prefecture in the north-eastern coast of Honshu island was virtually razed to the ground came down on him on Saturday tsunami four meters.
As reported by AFP, with reference to the National Agency for Disaster Management, the city, the population of about 23 thousand people, now lies in ruins.
Eve Rikudzen-Takata suffered another tsunami caused by an earthquake of magnitude 8.9, but on Saturday came a new wave and destroyed all that was left after the previous one. According to some reports, the water level in the city went up to the third floor of the local municipality.
One of the locals was able to remove the video as a huge mass of water rose above the city and a few seconds later pulled down the houses, shops, picked up and carried on the streets of parked cars.
The fact that all the inhabitants of the city were able to leave the town in time, nothing is reported.
Recall, on March 11 in Japan, a powerful earthquake of 8.9 points. It was followed by several aftershocks with magnitude of 6.0 that triggered a tsunami. According to recent reports, more than 900 people were killed, hundreds more missing. Approximately 1,200 people were injured.

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