Japan is experiencing another earthquake

On the Japanese island of Hokkaido in the north of the country there was an earthquake of magnitude 6.2. Reported by the U.S. Geological Survey.
The epicenter was at a depth of 42 km to 164-km east of the city of Hakodate. The shock was recorded on November 24 2011. at 14:25 MSK.
The tsunami threat has not yet announced. No casualties or destruction are not informed. Note that the area where the earthquake struck, is in the so-called Ring of Fire — a seismically active zone, covering the area around the Asia-Pacific region.
Since the beginning of 2011. Japan regularly "shake up" earthquakes of varying severity. Thus, the most tragic incident was emergency in March 2011. A powerful earthquake of magnitude 9.0 to 9.1 triggered a tsunami. Elements led to the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" in the prefecture of the same name. At the enterprise there were several explosions that triggered radiation leaks. Eliminate the consequences of the accident until now.

Source: spb.rbc.ru

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