Japan is preparing a strike on North Korea

Japan is preparing a strike on North Korea

Japan wants to start placing cruise missiles that could potentially be used for the application, if necessary, pre-emptive strikes on North Korea missile bases. This was said the Japanese edition of «Sankei Shimbun».

For disk imaging editions government wants to include a 10-year development plan for national defense provision that would allow cruise missiles positioned on the ground land of the rising sun. The document must be approved by the end of this year.

The possibility of obtaining Tokyo equity to attack the territories of other countries and hinted head of parliament’s security committee, member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party Takeshi Ivaya: «In terms of ability of attacking enemy bases Japan one hundred percent relies on the United States. Question of whether Japan will get at least some of these abilities, and will be the main content of the defense plan. «

Earlier, the Prime Minister of the rising sun also spoke on this occasion. In an interview to a local media, he said that the Land of the Rising Sun should «see the issue of purchase of tools that allow strikes on enemy bases in accordance with the changing international political situation.»

But at the moment a number of provisions in the Constitution of the rising sun forbid to have an instrument that can be used for pre-emptive strikes. On the other hand, Prime Minister Abe has recently expressed the spirit that preventive strikes on enemy bases can be considered «self-defense measures» if there are no other methods to remove the danger.

In 2004, Tokyo had already planned to make their cruise missile with a radius of up to 300 kilometers an act, but in the end, these plans were curtailed due to the increasing concern with the social side.

Of course, the main target for possible missile Land of the Rising Sun will be North Korean missile bases, batteries, and important military and municipal facilities. According to estimates of professionals, the DPRK has from 150 to 200 missiles «Rodon» to act with a radius of 1,300 km.

One of the representatives of the ruling party in the country of the rising sun of the LDP in an interview with «Sankei Shimbun» said: «Some believe that a preemptive strike on some goals in the DPRK is not so simple. For example, North Korea has missiles on mobile platforms, which can be difficult to track. But our cruise missiles can also be used for attacks on important targets of the DPRK. «

Oleg Kir’yanov

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