Japan warned of new strong earthquake

Number of earthquake victims in Japan can the thousands. As reported today by the police prefecture of Miyagi, one only in this region of the country, probably killed more than 10,000 people. One of the cities with a population of almost completely wiped out.

Japanese authorities have clarified what happened on Friday by an earthquake. Its magnitude was increased to 9. In terms of power, it was one of the strongest earthquakes in the world on record. While tremors continue — after new earthquake tsunami threat exists again.

That night, Japan was able to leave another group of Russians. Repeatedly delayed flight — flight at the airport in Tokyo, people have been waiting for two days.

Oarai port city was badly damaged during the tsunami. The wave was so strong that the car is picked up. One of them got stuck on the fence. Are now in full damage control. Warn of new shocks. The radio said that the expected force pushes 4.8 points.

In Miyagi prefecture — it more than the others affected by the earthquake and tsunami — now hit very hard. Roads are blocked by the national defense. And there is no gasoline at the pump. Japan shaken again in the morning — 6, 3 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was 115 kilometers from the city of Sendai in the prefecture Niyagi. The city nearly destroyed the first underground hit. Residents fled their homes. Has found more than 300 dead bodies only in Sendai. Prefectural authorities recognized in Minami Sanriku and missing about 10,000 people — more than half of all its inhabitants. The others were evacuated.

The National Meteorological Administration reported on the continuing threat of a tsunami on the Pacific coast. To help victims Japanese authorities decided to mobilize 100,000 soldiers. On the search for the missing plug USN. People are scared by rumors. Internet is flooded with letters from disinformation, such as that due to an accident at an oil refinery in Chiba prefecture fall out toxic sediments. Japanese Internet users also come emails that claim to be victims are asked to transfer money to them.

Sow panic as the pending Allegations devastating earthquake in western Japan — Japan and the west almost hurt. However, seismologists and it is true that the probability of a 7-point earthquake in the next 3 days is very high.

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