Japan will pay $ 5 million for the disposal brought to U.S. shores garbage

Japan will give U.S. $ 5 million to dispose of debris and rubbish made tsunami in the Pacific Ocean on March 11 last year, and came to the west coast of America, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan on Friday.

Estimated non-governmental organizations, the tsunami swept into the Pacific Ocean about 1.5 million units of trash and debris, some of which — from 1 to 5% — will introduce the coast of the U.S. and Canada. From the middle of this year, there were reports about detected in the American and Canadian shores of things being lost elements in Japan. Among them there are small objects, such as a soccer ball with commemorative inscriptions, which was then returned to Japanese students. However, large objects and debris can pose a serious problem. So, off the coast of the United States drifted Japanese fishing trawler, which was then flooded with the Coast Guard. By the shores of Oregon washed piece pier 20 meters long and weighing 165 tons.

The question of whether Japan should participate in the disposal of this waste has been repeatedly raised in the Japanese media. Citizens on the Internet evince an ambiguous attitude to the problem, in particular, is widely believed not appropriate any payment to one of the richest countries in the world on the part affected by the disaster in Japan.

An earthquake measuring 9.0 on the northeastern Japan March 11, 2011 was officially named the Great East Japan Earthquake. It caused a tsunami wave height of which reaches 30-40 meters. The disaster killed or went missing more than 19 thousand people. Were destroyed or destroying nearly 380,000 homes.

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