Japanese disaster predicted 14 years ago

The devastating earthquake in Japan in 1997 predicted the Russian scientists, who published an article in the journal "Proceedings of the UNESCO Club of professor." This was told RIA "Novosti" Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Regional Geology and Tectonophysics of the Pacific Institute, FEB RAS Valery Abramov.

"We predicted that in 2011, in the Kanto region will force a series of aftershocks ten points or more. This part of the country was the most heavily damaged," — said Abramov, showing to support his magazine in 1997 with the corresponding article.

In spring 2006, the Consulate General of Japan in Vladivostok asked to provide research results to the forecast of the earthquake, said on Abramov. The diplomats were given all the materials, however, whether they are used, it does not.

Also in 2006, in Japan there was quite a strong earthquake, which, according to scientists, it was a harbinger of the current shock. Russian seismologists then warned consular employees of the existing threat.

"Knowing in advance of an earthquake, the Japanese authorities could have prevented some of the damage. If from the beginning of 2011, they reduced the energy load on the plant, emission of radiation from the reactors could have been avoided. However, apparently, Japanese scientists on the basis of its own research were confident that earthquake did not happen "- said Abramov.


Russian scientists have calculated the date of the earthquake due to the huge database of seismic activity in the Far East. In particular, they used data on the devastating earthquake in Japan in 1923. Analysis of the data showed that these strong aftershocks occur in cycles.


9 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Japan on March 11 caused a tsunami more than ten meters. The number of dead and missing in the disaster has exceeded 11 thousand. According to information in the morning on March 16, 3676 appear dead people, more than 7,500 were missing.


The NPP "Fukushima-1" after the earthquake, was introduced a state of emergency because of the failure of the cooling systems. However, to avoid a serious accident failed. The current situation at the plant is out of control specialists.

Source: utro.ru.

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