Joseph Stalin monument was inaugurated in Yakutsk

This is the first monument to the "leader of nations" in the capital of Yakutia, but the third in the country. During the installation of the bust of the Soviet Communist leader of Yakutia and the local council of veterans fought for almost 6 years. Against this was the former head of Yakutsk, Yuri fell ill. He considered unworthy of Stalin monument in the Square of the local Veterans. As a result, found another place — in the company's "Diamonds Anabara." There today and the opening ceremony. According to "Interfax", members of the Communist Party called on to evaluate the actions of historical figures on the results, not emotions. And the attack on the deceased leader called ideological aggression against our country. In addition, the speakers at the monument vowed that they will continue to fight for (quote) "a free state, free education and equality of the people." Human rights activists have criticized this move. They consider the installation of a monument to Stalin unacceptable. The first monument to Stalin appeared in Yakutia 8 years ago in the Peace. In 2009, another monument was erected in the village Amga.



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