Jumpers between galaxies

A mysterious painting and appears in the photo above (to W 405). There are two dwarf elliptical galaxies are connected with the larger bridges. Curvature jumpers astrophysics attempted to explain the rotation of the central galaxy.

But if the lower bridge is curved smooth arc, which may well be attributed to the rotation, the upper curve has the form of a broken knee-stacked segments. The reason for this is not clear deformation of the web (in the "natural" hypotheses), not to mention the reason for the appearance of these jumpers themselves. Note also that in the bend places jumpers are clumps of stars. Want to learn more about the invitation vkontakt — then you will find the complete information counter on the site life-vkontakte.com

We also note that the appearance of bridges between the galaxies, their breaks and the like can not be explained and magnetic forces, since these bridges are composed of stars, and not from the ionized gas.

Compiled atlas of interacting galaxies Vorontsov-Velyaminov pessimism expressed in that spirit that he had collected the data bank has about 160 objects for which it is impossible to pick up even a hypothetical interpretation, not to mention the sound calculations and theories. True, attempts to explain the unusual behavior of interacting galaxies due to some unknown, but, of course, natural, natural, forces (in addition to the gravitational, electromagnetic and nuclear) that claim to manifest themselves only in the case of very large masses and distances .. . In short, the "resourcefulness" theorists as limitless as the universe!

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