Kaliningrad remained without electricity


13.08.11.Prichinoy off Kaliningrad CHPP-2, resulting in the most western Russian region of about half remained without electricity, was a failure on the power line 330 kV.

"Blackout in the Kaliningrad region on Saturday was the result of a failure in one of the automatic transmission lines 330 kV at which energy is supplied to the region overflows through Lithuania. TEP-2 in that situation triggered automation, which will mute the plant unit "- a spokesman for CHP-2 Lyudmila Filatova.

Once in the electrical problems have been eliminated, began launching both turbine CHP-2, which is currently ongoing. "In the next two hours, we expect that Kaliningrad HPP-2 will be at full capacity," — said the press secretary station. "All the staff in the CHP contingency worked quickly and efficiently," — said Filatov.

In the energy companies "Yantarenergo" noted that, according to operational data, consumers Kaliningrad and other parts of the region are already provided with electricity. In the management of the Kaliningrad railway ITAR-TASS reported that at the time of loss of power trains that were in the way, made a forced shutdown, which lasted about an hour. According to the press service of the regional government, the situation of energy supply is the personal control of the Governor Nikolai Tsukanov.

Source: Lead

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