Kambridzhsky volcanologist: the world will see a super-volcanic eruption this century

The radius of the explosion in the Yellowstone super-volcano eruption in the U.S.

June 1, 2011LONDON
— Volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer yesterday warned chance super volcano eruption in the 21st century 1 to 500. Lecturer at Cambridge University Volcanology told the audience: "This may not sound like much, but it is much more likely than an asteroid impact." Events in Japan remind us that we can have a tsunami and earthquake disaster in nuclear power plants, as there is good, and we can have such a chain reaction of events that are actually quite harmful, and they are not unimaginable. "Study of the geological, historical and archaeological documents, the expert took the audience on a journey back to three volcanic eruptions that shook the world — 1815 Tambora volcano in Indonesia, killing 100,000 people in 1783, the eruption of Kaki in Iceland and the massive Toba eruption in Indonesia that over a thousand cubic kilometers of magma into the atmosphere about 75,000 years ago, leaving behind a lake-filled crater in North Sumatra, 100 km in length and 20 — 30 km in width. If such an eruption were to happen tomorrow, he said, the world would be much more vulnerable. He said: "The world population of more than one hand, and many people living in extreme poverty who are already very vulnerable. "The impact will be huge, as the people and the technological world" .2010 Eyjafjallajokull eruption in Iceland, the world woke up to the threat of large-scale ash cloud, he said. "Relationships are very vulnerable to the violation of the mobile phone." We have to think about all of these vulnerabilities, and technological risks and humanitarian character. "He added that experience shows, the category-eight earthquakes can trigger volcanoes 1000km away, and that in this year's devastating earthquake off the coast of Japan, is likely to be running the volcano and in other regions of the country. "They are connected," he said. "Statistically, we can say that in the next six months, it may be a rash of Japan -this event this year. "Global warming and melting ice will also have an effect, because the volcanoes are under a lot of ice that melts, leading to a load, also statistically more likely to appear." —Wales Online

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