Kochuyuschemu lake could not get away from researchers




28-30 May 2004 in Nikita anomalous zone (NAE) in the Kaluga region was the 183rd mission "Kosmopoisk." This veloekspeditsiya carried out by the regional group "Obninsk-Kosmopoisk" (director — O.Masalatkin). Interviews with local residents in the surrounding villages revealed the actual presence of NAE in these parts. In particular, information was received that this winter in a rural newspaper "Dawn" was an article about an unusual place in the forest. It contained information similar to the one which already had "Kosmopoisk" (V.Chernobrov "Encyclopedia of mysterious places").
The exact location of the area NAE found only in the village of AP, which is relatively far from the zone itself (in nearby villages witnesses "kept silent"). Trying to find the NAE "on the move" was not a success, one of the reasons for the termination of the search — an unpleasant encounter with Kabanihoy and pigs on the edge of the forest … Besides the already known information the local gamekeeper, which addressed the group, spoke about an interesting place where chanterelles grow very large "size of a boletus, boletus." His suggestion: "space radiation effects, although one never checked."
And finally, researchers of "Obninsk-Kosmopoisk" told the legend of the lake, in the tract Jacobi it is alive and has the ability to move (move from place to place). Residents say it was earlier in the village, D., and now it is near the village of N. Study strange "nomadic" Lake AZ and Nikita will continue.


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