Krivoy Rog state inspectors have developed new safety rules

Karst holes

9.02.11.Posle earthquake in Krivoy Rog miners will explode without explosives. Gosgorpromnadzor Krivoy Rog seems to think seriously about how to protect the city and the miners from unexpected emergency during blasting in quarries and mines.

According to the chief Oleg Gosgorpromnadzora Cherednichenko, in 2010, in local businesses banned the 500 explosions because of violations of rules and regulations for such works, and the company were fined a total of 70,000 USD. Therefore decided to improve the technology explosion bestrotilovoy with explosives, which is less flammable, but is more efficient.

In June, during the planned explosion at the mine Ordzhonikidze giant crater formed of 16 hectares (10-80 meters deep). Pit stop just a few hundred meters from the camp, but managed to swallow four cars, one of which killed the driver. Experts from the Institute of Mining was the first time publicly talking about the fact that under the Krivoy Rog in the almost 200-year history of the development of a single abandoned voids, said today.

According to preliminary data, the volume of 30 million cubic meters, which can swallow some neighborhoods. And in August, and the fall has become a center of the city — in a matter of minutes had gone underground 20 trade containers on one of the markets of the city. Here, luckily, there were no casualties as the collapse occurred in the early morning, when the market was closed. After these events, the authorities started saying that the city needed a special map of underground cavities, but after the local elections have forgotten about it, and in the Krivoy Rog Institute said that waiting for the money to start the necessary research.

However, the press service of the Gosgorpromnadzora "Today" reported that from underground cavities new rules of explosions are not connected. "The old rules of blasting is very outdated — they were drawn more by the Union, whereas now there are new more efficient and safe work practices. For example, using bestrotilovyh explosives that are not as flammable, "- said spokeswoman Maya Bondarchuk. According to her, now on TNT already refuse miners engaged in open development (career) — here without TNT already using 92% of explosives. But while working in the mines of the old — there bestrotilovye substances make up only 3% of the total quantity of explosives. "The mine is simply no consistency in the work to improve the blasting, so there is a very low level of production and the high injury rate," — said the head of Krivoy Rog Gosgorpromnadzora Oleg Cherednichenko.

After the recent earthquake in Krivoy Rog (cause was natural — the region is stable shakes 3-5 times a year. — Ed.) By almost 4 points on the outskirts of the town at one of the mines, "Arcelor" formed another funnel (100 by 70 meters and 100 meters deep). As the "Today", February 2, the mine ceased operation due to the threat of further landslides.

Again shaken

Yesterday in Krivoy Rog residents zhilmassiva Karachun again felt the tremors. "At about 14.00 in the apartment rang dishes staggered chandelier" — told us a resident of flats Valentina. In Gosgorpromnadzora said yesterday the city was not a violent explosion.


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