Kyiv residents suffer from the invasion of red ants and aphids

In Kiev since 2011 has grown four times the number of calls for city workers sanepidemstantsii culled red ants. Besides watching sanepidemiologi increase in the population of other insects.

According to the newspaper in Kiev, red ants have replaced cockroaches in homes Kiev.

"And they both feed on the crumbs and remnants of food and occupy any premises where there is heating, regardless of the floor and the type of home. And they are not valid mobile communications — the main reason, which is called, explaining the disappearance of the apartments cockroaches" — the newspaper notes.

According to the director of the city health and production company Preventive disinfection Vladimir Ilchenko, mostly ants infest voids in floors, between the batteries of central heating, wooden floors and wood heating systems.

"They are extremely agile and hungry. High fertility, ability to breed throughout the year, eat anything and at the same time long-term fasting — that is the secret of their success," — said the expert.

Besides the publication notes that in contrast to roaches, ants bite and hurt tolerate agents of intestinal infections, helminth eggs, can cause allergies.

"Thanks to the small size even manage to get into in a sealed enclosure with food. Usually settle into the outlet, love cardboard boxes and flower pots" — the newspaper notes.

At the same time, sanepidemiologi note that the output of the ants out of the room can take up to 12 months. Besides, they said, the treatment only within the home or office is not very effective if the same nest is outside.

"As long as there is a struggle with the miners, the females have time set aside hundreds of new eggs" — note in the SES.

In addition, the magazine writes, municipal enterprise Kiїvzelenbud confirmed and increased green aphid population in the city, which is safe for humans.

In the communal enterprise argue that the main cause of increase in the number of aphids were limited effects on insect control.

"The city is not allowed to spray plants with pesticides, as there is no list of approved drugs, insecticides from the Ministry of Health. A plant, which settles aphids, rather — is lime, rose, willow"

Also, note Kiїvzelenbude and weather conditions.

"In the heat of aphids actively breed" — added in the natural department capital.

Recall that in late July 2010, resulting in an abnormally hot weather, crowded capital mantis, "dead head" — hawk moths butterfly family, drawing on the belly that resembles a human skull, and the Crimean snail genus brefulopsis.

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