Lake TahoeTsunami: mega-catastrophe business case!

Lake Tahoe may be one of the most beautiful and peaceful lakes in the world, but the calm blue waters lurks a monster. Three major flaws lie under the lake, and if some of them are activated large magnitude earthquakes, landslides and lake-floor, which can cause a tsunami with waves as much as 10 to 100 meters. Scientists believe that all three errors can be related to each other, deep within the earth, but it is difficult to test this theory until one becomes active.
"The problem with the lack of large-they are completely resting between earthquakes," said the geologist Gordon Seitz of San Diego State University. "They are like sleeping giants, and then they suddenly wake up". Seitz and a team of geologists and seismologists dug into the incline Village errors in 2004 and found that it is active on every 10 000 to 15 000 years, and his latest quake was about 500 years ago. "Incline Village earthquakes are relatively rare," Seitz said. Because three errors are so close to each other, they may be related, deep underground, and could go on one another, like dominoes, Seitz said. Proof that supports this theory as the fault line moved in the last earthquake, said Robert Carlin, a professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, who studies earthquakes. Lack moved about 13 meters 500 years ago, which is more than expected due to a defect line only 10 miles long. —Standeyo When most people in Northern California believe that a "big" they imagine the type of earthquake shaking in 1906 in San Francisco, but it turns out that the Lake Tahoe region can have large earthquakes, and even the deadly tsunami. Seysmorazvedchik Graham Kent said: "We are heading right to the biggest mistakes in the pool, the West Tahoe fault ruptures about every four to five thousand years. His last break was 4500 years ago. So, obviously, there is some concern that we are in the end, the earthquake cycle. Does not mean it will happen tomorrow, but it will not be a surprise if he did. " At least three errors run under Lake: Stateline, incline Village and West Tahoe. Now, it seems, there is another. For example, Kent says that we now know that mistakes sometimes occur together, creating an earthquake as big as 7.07.5
and quake, that most would potentially deadly tsunami of up to thirty feet. Graham Kent: "Since I also run Nevada Seismological Laboratory, I can not, to remind people that the biggest story in Japan is the fact that the number of people who do not die, and because of availability. Ultimately, preparedness outweighs everything else. If you know anything about Japan, they are preparing for this day, even if the tsunami was more than they thought they were prepared for this day, and you can see it in the video YouTube — people in general have been on the motion so that would not have happened in the United States today. "So, what should you do if your Tahoe summer vacation is interrupted by an earthquake on Lake Tahoe? Kent recommends duck and hide waiting, trembling and then, in a reasonable way to get as high as you can. —Capital Public Radio

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