Lake White threatens ecological disaster


13.03.11.V White Lake in the park "Kosino" from lack of air dying fish. Should help people by drilling holes and opening the access of oxygen. But while experts at the park trying to find out who is responsible for the lake, the fish surfaced single hole, "Vesti-Moscow".

Thousands raised fish suffocated under a thick layer of ice. The only constant polynya on the White Lake for winter swimming laps half dead roach, which local residents catch nets.

Previously a paid fishing club "Fortuna" came from all over Moscow and had enough money to drill holes, and then to provide the water with oxygen. But last year, the club was closed, and the area, where there was equipment for the lake, away.

Fishermen blame for what happened guide park "Kosino" which was established in the year 2008. With his supply activities of the club "Fortuna" made illegal, and environmental prosecutor's office opened a case on paid fishing organization in the city.

The manual itself Park "Kosino" blames Mosvodostok whose employees allegedly had to deal with the fish. However, to take any action there began only after institution of a case. In turn, Mosvodostok deny not only his fault, but the fact of mass plague fish on White Lake.

"It's not fish kills. Fish kills — this is when a dead fish belly up. What I saw today there still — it is a living fish, which was short of breath, "- said the deputy head of the 4th district of SUE" Mosvodostok "Sergey Anisimov.

While authorities are trying to absolve themselves of responsibility for what happened, trying to save the situation by local residents. If the situation does not change, the spring White Lake awaits an environmental disaster.

Fish kill in the capital was awarded last summer, during the smog. Because of forest and peat fires in the capital greatly reduced level of oxygen in the air. In August, fish mortality was observed in Yauza, and in late July in the pond "Central", located in the district Solntsevo, died 1200 individuals. The audit found that the fish died of "heat shock" — the unauthorized release volley into the pond water with high temperature. Damage to fish stocks and the environment exceeded 120 thousand. And in September, caused the death of fish served as dumping chemicals. in Moscow

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