Landslide in Chinas Yunnan province

In the south-western region of China landslide occurred, cover one of the primary schools in the village Geniez province of Yunnan. As a result of the disaster killed 18 students of the school. By landslides remained as a classroom in which children were engaged, and two commercial buildings, next to him.

Landslide in China's Yunnan province

In addition to students among the dead was a resident of the village. Victims could be three people more, but one of the families living in the village, managed to escape on their own. All the surviving villagers urgently evacuated to safety.
As it turned out, the children did not have to go to school on a day when there was a landslide, as in China last week's national holiday, and government agencies have a legitimate weekend. But school officials decided to resume classes before, as a lot of classes were missed due to the recent double earthquake, September 7, 2012 disturbed the province.
News incredibly intensified Internet users. Society complains about the lack of an official warning about the dangers of landslides and at the fact that the school district Ilyang children learn to bounce back in a legal holiday, which eventually led to tragic consequences.

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