Landslide led to the evacuation of the ranch SOMIS.

Five people and 63 horses from Rancho SOMIS were evacuated after a large part of the adjacent slope began to slide down, writes Horses were evacuated by joint efforts of local residents after almost 0.5 square kilometers of land were sliding toward the pen. It all started at about 6:30 in the morning. Ranch employee saw strange trees bent and became literally slide down. Half an hour later were called rescuers who were employees of a fire department. Speed landslide is about 15 feet per hour. The naked eye is not quite noticeable movement, but the offset can be observed hourly. Land from the top of the hill continues to slide down, breaking trees and fences. Horses and men were not injured. After inspection of the helicopter the county sent geologists to assess the level of danger. Rescuers were ready to evacuate people and horses to a safer place if the landslide began to move with greater speed. Local residents were allowed to begin to restore the house and make repairs but only during the day, said Raymond Gutieris, development manager and the department of public works inspektsionirovaniyu District. Local authorities fear that rain, forecasters predicted could significantly worsen the situation. If the landslide started with dry soil, what will happen when the earth turned into liquid fluid mass. While there was no official statement about the cause of the landslide. At the request of the local authorities are not as landslides rarity this county. The locals are very upset with the loss of his property.

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