Latin America: Climate unenviable prospects

Development Bank of Latin America published a report saying that future climate change will cost the States of the region of the world at $ 100 billion annually.

It is in such a round astronomical amount, bank analysts estimated the damage to be incurred by the Latin American countries in 2050, if at that time the average temperature will rise by 2? C relative to pre-industrial levels. Latin America does not belong to the world's industrial giants. They account for only 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions. However, the share of these countries in economic losses, according to experts, will be significantly higher.

The reason the report calls the particular vulnerability of the region to climate change. If all goes with the dynamism that bank experts have laid in their calculations, by 2050, Latin America is expected collapse of coral reefs, the extinction of some glaciers in the Andes, a major transformation of the Amazon. All this will inevitably lead to financial losses.

In only one area of export of agricultural products in the region by mid-century will receive less by $ 30 billion a year, and yet there will be losses in tourism and fisheries, and in many other industries. The report emphasizes that the costs to be incurred by countries to adapt to the changing economic climate considerably fewer of the damage that will follow by mid-century if nothing is done.


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