Leak 1.4 thousand barrels of oil occurred in Canada

The company Enbridge Inc has closed a major oil pipeline in Alberta after the oil spill in the transfer station, which was the second leak in the region in less than two weeks, Reuters reported.

According to the Canadian regulator, the company has stopped pumping Athabasca pipeline capacity 345,000 barrels per day, the volume of the oil spill is estimated at 1.4 thousand barrels.

Leak occurred south of Elk Point (Elk Point), located in the northeastern part of the province of Alberta. The incident resulted in no injuries, water pollution avoided, currently under treatment works.

Eighth of June it became known spills of more than three million barrels of crude oil into a tributary of the River Red Deer, Alberta on a pipeline company Plains Midstream Canada.

That is the danger of oil spills and pollution is the main cause of the protests of environmentalists Canada against plans to build a major oil pipeline from Canada to Texas and to the Pacific Ocean.

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