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Haddon Manor is located in the south of Devon in England. Old dilapidated house from the XIX century is located in the middle of a vast moorland. In these places, the weather is always overcast, often rains, winds never stop blowing. Many legends and superstitions enveloped the whole dismal dreary edge. Residents of nearby villages Midlok avoid walking on the heath, and the old house. All those who dare to go there, did not return or mad.

The last such incident occurred in 1959 goal. Local shepherd brought a herd of sheep on the heath, and the evening is not drove him to the village. The next day the people, armed with guns, went to look for the missing, but the start heather field did not dare.

As always, a strong wind blew. Strange sounds like wolf howl came from the wasteland. People froze, staring at a drab plain. In the distance, seemed to slowly approach the black dot. It turned out that this is the shepherd. People hardly know him: the face, covered with deep wrinkles, aged ten years. The shepherd surprised to see the villagers here, because he believed that was only a few hours from the time he went deep in the heather field.

Anyone who has ever been in Midloke, the locals hit exceptionally long ugly faces. Pale watery eyes, thin hair, thick-lipped mouth produce a painful impression on visitors. It seems that the press is a curse on these people. Here, children are often born with physical disabilities, with the curve by hand or foot, blind or with a cleft lip. Old-timers tell about a girl who was born with webbed toes. Mother, seeing freak produced by light, crazy, new-born and died a month later.

In the library of the University of Cambridge kept XVII century manuscript, which is written the legend concerning the village Midlok and moorland Haddon. Legend tells us that in ancient times lived in these places scary and powerful dragons Gnatoniya, Lorgues and Klergh. They destroyed the church, the enslaved members of the village community, forced them to pay tribute to the sheep, cows and even human sacrifices. Monsters forced local residents to engage with each other in an incestuous relation, from which the children were born with physical deformities.

One day, a young villager, George, decided to release the tribesmen and entered into a terrible battle with the dragons. Hero defeated and drove out evil spirits, but he died from the terrible wounds received in battle. George was elevated to the rank of saints, and built a church in honor of him. At the edge of the heath growing a huge oak tree, under which, according to legend, buried St. George. There is still more ancient manuscript sources, which tells that George managed to defeat dragons with the help of a magic spell that prevents the exit of the underground caves where the monster is still languishing. Some historians believe that the legend reflect actual historical events. Dragons — is a cruel local feudal lords, surrounded by an overwhelming tribute to the commoners.

In the XIX century manor Haddon family owned Popplford. One day while hunting Lord James Popplford found on wasteland entrance to some underground burrow. The passage was too narrow, and the Lord could not get inside, but his fox terrier got there. There was a loud bark, then yelp, and all was quiet. The dog did not return. Popplford believed that underground caves are inhabited by some creatures that are eaten and the dog.

Lord lived in Haddon one, just cook and valet were his society. At night, the servants went to sleep in the village, and the Lord remained in the old house has one. Popplford wrote in his diary that at night someone comes to the house. Here is one of the entries made by 25 May 1837:

"Being" again visited the house last night. I woke up from the flip-flop steps came from the first floor, the stairs creak. "It" has come to my bedroom fyrchaschie sounds were heard outside the door. The clock struck midnight. I intended to grab cooked the evening gun, but the strange weakness pinned members, was not strong enough to lift a leg either, nor hand. Someone walked through the door here and there, then went to the pantry, where the products are stored. There was a noise. An hour later, all was quiet. I felt better, lit a candle and left the room. On the floor were visible dirty footprints leading to the pantry. The door was open, hanging on a hook slightly gnawed ham. Unpleasant smell was in the house.

I had no choice but to go to sleep. By morning, the traces of dried up and disappeared. Tell the servants of the night the accident I did not dare, for fear that I would be taken for a madman. Cook decided that the house appeared rats, and set a trap in the pantry. No one was caught in a trap, only a handful of gray hair stuck in it in a week. "

Lord Popplford several times asked his valet to stay the night in the house, but it was in those days, "creature" does not appear. Beast visited the house several times, and Lord thought he was coming out of the basement, which are underground passages of the caves beneath the moorland. Lord heard of the legend tells of St. George and the dragon, and was inclined to believe that these monsters come at night in his house. Lord went to the Royal Society in London, where an elderly landlord politely listened to, and that the affair ended. Popplford then turned to the well-known in the 30s of the XIX century in London psychic Loretta Jacobson. She was very interested in the story and confidently stated that James worried about the spirit of an ancestor, and assured that it can deliver for a fee of Lord of the annoying relative. However Popplforda stopped amount required fee. James returned home disappointed.

Six months later he went again to hunt in the moorland and never returned. The estate with the house passed into the control of a distant relatives of the Lord, who were rich enough and not very interested in unnecessary estate. Since James Popplford went missing, Haddon could not be sold. Attorney relatives of Lord tried to pass the estate to rent, but dilapidated property has not attracted the attention of buyers. Deterred and rumors about the strange disappearance of the estate owner and residents Midloka. Boarded up and dilapidated old house, standing back from the road.

Once in Midloke and visiting a local pub, tourists are sure to hear from someone from the locals about the legend of dragons, St. George's and Lord Popplforde. They hold to the old sprawling oak tree, under whose roots may lie the remains of the hero, will show from afar mossy dilapidated building, the house of the Lord, and Heath Haddon. However, none of the residents do not dare to accompany tourists if they have a desire to take a closer look grim sights.

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