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Why stalled programm acquisition units and contractors

Yet in the middle of the 90s Our homeland following the example of the advanced countries of the West decided to get a prof army. The idea itself is not bad for themselves. In particular, it became clear during the first campaign in Chechnya, when the struggle with the mother mercenaries and militants sometimes sent just dressed in military uniforms boys, untrained and not fired.

But federal motivated programm (FTP) "The transition to manning military personnel undergoing military service under the contract, a number of formations and military units," was approved by government decree Russian Federation only 25 August 2003. What does it include? In the middle of the main events — improving the criterion of quartering troops professionals, increase the level of training and logistics units and formations, the content of the currency are people who have decided to dedicate the army at least the last couple of years of life, a number of other social benefits.

It was supposed systematic substitution of conscripts with contract and increase their numbers as a result of up to 300 thousand. In this case, with the growing dynamics in the future. It was envisaged during 2004-2007 to translate into contract 10s and units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the Federal Border Service, the Internal Troops.

But the programm does not pass the test of "social programs." To the site and in the classroom, even with a lack of modern simulators and other training aids somehow it was still possible to prepare experts. But, apparently, our military leaders have forgotten that this is not the soldier-boys, and adult men who want to start a family and and get an apartment, and the decency of wages.

Did not call a worthy currency allowance of 7-8 thousand rubles, which is then placed first for contract? Of course, not counting the poorly educated immigrants from poor, underclass parts to these "carrots" almost no one was tempted. As a result, army uniformly filled by people who just do not beheld in her own future — opportunists.

Naturally, the Defense Ministry has decided to certain measures. An old barracks were reconstructed (re-equipped), were transformed into military dormitory lightweight type, new buildings were built in military towns, develop their social and physical infrastructure, differentiated allowances paid for special conditions of combat training and sublet the dwelling. But the military service the contract did not become prettier. Dorm — the same barracks. Monetary allowances small. The working day is not regulated. What still concerns spa healing, compensation for it, get a higher education, then these benefits fully from it was very hard.

In short, the idea of Prof. army was quite good, but, to put it mildly, not obmyslennoy through. The Armed Forces of the feverish mass of premature termination of soldiers and sergeants contracts, which, by the way, it is especially true for hot pixels. According to the Center of Sociological Defense Ministry, this step (premature termination of the first treaties) have been solved up to 13% of military personnel. Only one of the five extended the contract for the second time. Another 20% felt that their military disappoint service, 15% were concerned about the excessive demands of commanders to them, 29% do not lusted remain in the army because of bad organization of recreation and leisure activities (lack of clubs, gyms, etc.).

But the best part explained further back to the "citizen" unsolved housing problems. And here is not about the individual apartments speech, and that officers are provided with difficulty. Not far away at all military units to this day there is at least a hostel for small families. Many contractors are living in converted barracks, their working day or not normalized. How then did they differ from the "conscripts"? Nothing. At the same time of the last six months of service often and did other commanders contract, exerting a pressure. The main thing — a plan.

But specifically, contractors must now be the base units and constant readiness. But it turns out, in the coming two to three years, the troops could lose experts, who concluded contract, For example, in 2006-2007 or earlier. And what then is a new kind of the Armed Forces? This is a very difficult question which there is not an answer.

Commander in Chief of the Army Alexander Postnikov so assessed the situation: "Unfortunately we must admit that the Federal programm to translate parts of the permanent readiness for completing the contract is not fully assigned tasks have gained. We were unable to service under contract to do so prestigious, that was to select the more suitable candidates, those who are willing to consciously link their lives and the lives of his own family with military service. How unfortunate it did not sound quite a lot in this regard was error rather often had to carry out fitting of these parts to the required level to the detriment of quality. "

And the head of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office, Major General Alexander Nikitin of Justice as explained to "MIC" this conflict "society imposes very high hopes that lacked a basis in reality. Thank God, we have gained some experience, a vision of such contractor who and what he should do. In other words, it was just a rearrangement on the go … "

But there are law enforcement agencies, such as the Border service Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, in which everything went perfectly and vorachivatsya the call they are not collected. At one of the meetings nedavneshnih Secretary of Defense with the media correspondent of "MIC" asked why the federal motivated example program stalled in the army and border guards there?

— Do you realize how much there is private contractor? — Sounded a counter-question. — Three times more than we do.

It's really true. Monetary allowances contract in the Border significantly higher. No problems there, and with the set. There is even a competition: on one place — up to 30 people! But the soldier principal, the color of his epaulets — greenish, reddish or blue. After all, take one oath, serve as a homeland. Why is Homeland so differently evaluates their military work? Explain the logic of this is the usual unrealistic.

— In fact it is, I think, the problem of the system — further developed his idea of Anatoly Serdyukov. — Everyone, when the federal program was designed, apparently, really liked how it all arranged abroad. But it seems to me, just do not obmyslili through. Do contractor status in the West itself is almost the same as that officer. Regulated service: from 9.00 to 18.00, after that he was a free man. We are all turned on its head. Why did the officer in one status, and in another contractor? At the foreign exchange allowances is also a huge gap: 7-8 thousand rubles — not the means.

Defense Minister cited the example of the Finns. Their if a fighter is normal, then on Saturday and Sunday can go home on leave.

Meanwhile, the development of tools, forms and methods of warfare puts forward new requirements for the training of military prof. The introduction of advanced information technology in the major links of command and control, the need to significantly increase the combat potential of military units as well as each soldier in the criteria of resource constraints pose the question of the professionalization of the military service. Because of a contract army will not go away. This is the demand of time.

And it is well aware of the Defense Ministry, General Sta
ff. That's why do not cancel completely, and only push back the time of the transfer units and an acquisition by contract. Since 2012 the increase in their wages. By July 1, 2010, the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces should be developed brand new concept of transition of the Armed Forces on a contract basis. It would also be consistent with the FSB Border Service of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Internal Affairs and other departments.

What does it mean? All the complex will become a specialty contract. As defense minister said, "today we have to rethink everything. And we are at the moment such program is just preparing. We wish by reducing the number of contractors to raise their currency allowances to at least 80 percent of the lieutenant's. " In other words, contractors fall under the newest system of material incentives, which is introduced from 1 January 2012. In the meantime, the level of their wages uncompetitive. For example, in Eastern Europe, he is an average of 700 dollars per month. Because the service to be pretty, to reiterate, salary increment for contract roughly tripled. That at the moment and offers Anatoly Serdyukov.

Only need to be aware of: even with these structural measures army, how unfortunate it did not sound will not become outright contract. Real experts nurtured and grown over the years. A means, in the shortest time necessary to solve the same housing prepyadstviya all categories of military personnel, to guarantee them employment or retraining after layoffs in store, and pensions.

The main thing — contractors must believe in the importance and necessity of military labor, in its social significance and municipal demand. Only this will create the conditions for the formation in Russia Prof. Armed Forces personnel who will be ready to serve, not only because of the huge amounts of money, and as is well aware, one of the most notable cases in the world — to be the defender of the motherland.

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