Lightning killed 84 sheep in Tuva


Kizil, July 26. / ITAR-TASS /. Ball lightning killed in Tuva to shepherd parked 84 sheep.
Details of emergency Sunday became known today after the report of a special commission of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic, to travel to the scene today to determine the damage.

It all happened during a severe thunderstorm in the Tes-Khem district. Ball lightning is formed directly over novietnes family Sayyna Sandykmaa, Shepherd AgroFarm "Choduraa." It is not known what would happen next if it were not for the cattle, who ran away from the tent to shelter from the rain under the pine trees near the parking lot.

The wind carried away the lightning followed by sheep, huddled under the trees. Glowing ball collided with one of the pine trees and there was a violent explosion. The strength of his was that one of the sheep, weighing under 30 kg, as a rake, was thrown 10 meters. Barrel 15-meter pine splintered like kindling knife from the top to the butt end. When the storm subsided, it was discovered that from a lightning strike killed 84 animals. Family Sandykmaa fortunately escaped with only a shock.

The ministry with the petition for damages filed guide SUE "Choduraa." The Commission, however, has so far refrained from conclusions: too improbable case of death by lightning so many animals. The country will not remember this, even the old-timers.

According to experts of the ministry, the formal grounds for compensation of livestock farms have no local government, or the authorities of the Republic. Prior to 2004, direct payments and farmers affected by the disaster, were made, but were later canceled by the federal center — now such losses should be covered only by the insurance system.

However, as reported in the Ministry, after a commission the possibility of assisting closely Khem economy for partial recovery of losses will be considered.



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