Likelihood of recurrence of the heat wave in the coming year is minimal

Rossiyskaya Gazeta "- federal issue № 5390 (14) of 26 January 2011

2010 ahead of the annual average temperature of 0.02 degrees previous record holder — 2005.

Last year was the champion, and other indicators. For the first time the average annual air temperature anomalies were + 5 degrees or more. Heat waves, more than 50 days to hold out in the summer in central Russia, was the largest natural disaster on record, and can be, and for the past 5000 years.

The past year in general is rich in many disasters. Devastating floods due to heavy rains to the mass deaths, infectious diseases and destruction occurred in Pakistan, West Africa, Thailand, South America and the Balkans. Hit by devastating hurricanes in Europe and North America. At the same time, much of the hemisphere last year was colder than normal. This North Europe, Siberia and North Urals, Central America, South-Eastern United States. And in Moscow January last lead in the last 50 years in duration and lack of frost thaws. The final chord of the anomalous year was "freezing rain."

In general, according to Hydrometeorology, and the first decade of the XXI century has been the warmest since 1891. At the same time, the increase in the average annual temperature seems to have slowed. As for this year, then, according to weather forecasters, the probability of a heat wave like last year, no more than one five thousandth.


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