List of victims of the floods in Brazil is growing by the hour

List of victims of the floods in Brazil is growing by the hour. In the lists of the dead for more than five hundred people. More — are missing. Shocking footage disagree on the media — landslides and debris flows razed towns and cities. The disaster called the worst disaster in the history of the country. Forecasters do disappointing forecasts.
Brazilian town of San Jose to Rio Petro became notorious this shocking video — mad about the flow will carry the remains of a house and its 53-year-old mistress with his beloved dog in her arms. Neighbors at the last minute saving throw rope. A woman rushes into a boiling flow — for a moment, and seem instinctively she still had to choose between his own life and the life of the dog.
"I still do not understand how she survived. I lost everything and have no money to rebuild," — says the victim by name Ilair Pereira de Souza.
In hard-hit home Terozopolise wreckage 15 hours rescuers pulled out a six-month baby and his father. Fortunately, the child did not suffer — still alive and his father. "Thank God, he saved my child. This is a miracle!", — He said.
Built in the valleys along the mountain streams villages hardest hit. People do not have time to leave home — water mudslides buried in seconds over five hundred people. As many more were missing.
"I am horrified ran outside. Then part of my hut collapsed with a roar. I went to the neighbors and already near their home heard the house goes with a bang … rural mud wave threw me for 15 meters," — says another victim , Dezhair Rosa da Rocha.
Cause debris gatherings were incessant rains — January in Brazil is the wettest month. Particularly affected mountainous areas, but despite the fact that the whole line descent of mudflows maintained around the clock rescue operations, in some remote areas of aid has not yet reached — people were left alone with the elements. City and regional morgues in these hours are overcrowded, relatives of the victims lose consciousness in line for identification.
"Some of the bodies can not be identified. From this, people come here very experienced — they can not even find their loved ones," — says a morgue Rodrigo Novaes.
To rescue the Brazilian government has pledged half a billion dollars. President Dilma Rousseff personally oversees the rescue operation. "What happened in Brazil — is a fatal blow to the poorest people in our country. People have nowhere to live. Their homes were destroyed. We have to help them," — she said.
Brazilians have called what happened beginning of the end of the world. Experts predict that the disaster unfolding now, it seems, was coming up food prices, and, according to doctors, if the situation is not brought under control, the region could spark an epidemic

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