Lithuania: dead fish on the shore of the Baltic Sea


On the Lithuanian coast of the Baltic Sea (in Klaipeda) found tons of dead fish, said Delfi. Fish (Baltic sprats) scattered on the stretch of about a kilometer.

The cause of death of fish now turns ichthyologists. Laboratory Director Fisheries Sarunas Tolyushis suggested that it may have some catch with the fishing vessel, washed away from the board of the recent storm. But other experts say that the dead fish on the beach too much, so that it can be considered someone's catch.

Specialist Maritime Museum Remigijus Daylide suggested that sprats died from chemical poisoning.

Meanwhile, the dead fish began to dismantle the local residents. People collect sprats in boxes and taken away somewhere. There are reports that the fish could have hit the market. In this regard, members of the local Food and Veterinary Service started checking.

"We have to warn people that they did not try to buy and eat the fish for food. It is unclear why so many dead fish found on the bank ", — said the service Virginiyus Gaylyus.


Experts note that the dead fish in any case should be removed to eliminate the pollution of the coastal territory.


Tolyushis also refutes the version of the chemical exposure, since the fish washed up on the shores of one type only.


While the cause of this strange phenomenon are not clear, and it is unclear which of the services should take bringing the coast in order.




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