Lithuanian Parliament voted for the construction of Visaginas NPP

Lithuanian parliament on Thursday voted for the amendments to the law on nuclear power, which are necessary for the implementation of the plan to build the Visaginas nuclear power plant, as well as the concession agreement with a strategic investor Hitachi.

For the adoption of the draft amendments to the law on nuclear power plants, on the proposal of the MP from the Union of Greens and Farmers, Lithuania Rima Bashkene, voting was by name. And according to the recommendations of the party "Order and Justice" Diet has agreed to hold a roll-call vote and the law of the concession agreement with Hitachi. In the course of such voting members of the Diet certify its decision signature.

The last time such a practice was used in 1993.

In accordance with Article 114 of the statute of the Sejm, roll call vote may be held if requested by any group, and this demand is supported by at least one third of the members participating in the meeting of the Diet.

Voting lasted half an hour.

In the vote on amendments to the Law on the Nuclear Power Plant was attended by 74 MPs. "For" votes 70 MPs, two against and two others abstained. The amendments were adopted. The Social Democrats have refused to participate in the vote.

For the law on the concession contract with Hitachi 69 members voted in the Sejm, two were against and three abstained parliamentarian.

After the adoption of the law by the Sejm concession agreement with Hitachi to be signed next week.

EAEC construction — the first regional project in the field of nuclear energy in the Baltic countries. Of the 17 billion litas (about EUR 5 billion) Lithuania on the project should provide more than a third. Lithuania is planning a new plant to build together with Latvia and Estonia in Visaginas, near the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, stopped in accordance with the commitments to the European Union December 31, 2009.

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