Lock and began pre-production prototypes Ka-52K for the Mistral

Lock and began the first prototypes of the Ka-52K (ship) for universal ship-helicopter "Mistral" said RIA Previews Tuesday's press secretary company "Helicopters of the Russian Federation" Roman Kirillov.

"At the moment there is the ready prototypes, but we can not name the amount due to the fact that it is in the interest of the military department," — said Kirillov.

He said that as long as the "Mistral" does not come from France to Russia, working out problems on take off and landing of helicopters on the deck of an aircraft carrier is planned for the "Admiral Kuznetsov".

"In September of last year has been training at the" Admiral Kuznetsov "- recalled Kirillov.

According to him, you can not start training on the helicopter landing on "Mistral"Without" fitting "ts to each other." It is impossible to provide basing and landing of the helicopter on ship, if not realistic to make sure that everything is completely harmless, the system takes the ship and the helicopter in front of the system, "- said Kirillov.

The contract price of EUR 1.2 billion for the construction of 2-French helicopter type "Mistral"For the Russian Navy was signed in June 2011. First helicopter for the Russian Navy will be built in France in 2014, the second — in 2015.

Universal helicopter carrier "Mistral" a thousand tons displacement 21 and the greatest body length of 210 meters is capable of speeds over 18 knots. Range — up to 20 thousand miles. Number of crew — 160 people, in addition helicopter can carry 450 people. Air group includes 16 helicopters, of which 6 are located directly on the flight deck. It is planned to have on these ships eight helicopters Ka-52K and eight Ka-29.

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