Locust invasion in Azerbaijani regions


4.07.11.Nekotorye territory of Salyan and Sabirabad regions were invaded by locusts. This miles-Mugan APA reported by local residents.

According to them, over the last 2-3 days in home gardens, orchards and gardens, there are swarms of locusts. During the movement of vehicles on the glass beats countless their set. Specialists agricultural departments of executive power Sabirabad and Salyan districts reported that a local locust.

Because the jaws of this species of locusts are weak, in contrast to the "Moroccan locusts", attacked the field last year, not this kind of locust damage crops of wheat. Local locusts eat green leaves of trees and green grass.

It is noted that in the village of Salyan Archa Khalaj observed numerical increase in locusts. Reported taking action in this regard. In various villages of Sabirabad also observed local locust swarms. Only in the village in a little Moranly was spotted "Moroccan locust," which quickly destroyed.

Alibey Zeynalli

Source: APA

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