Loss of livestock in Buryatia. Video


20.09.12.Zhiteli Kokorin village and then found the bodies of their cows in the fields. What was the cause of death, and who blame their troubles pet owners?

— The bull is a huge, look, it must grow for three years, villagers feed … sound the alarm. Since late August, the cattle of the villagers Kokorin now and then does not return to the pasture. Look for animals sent to the field, but there is not quite caught a nice picture.
— They lie there, please, lie everywhere, stink. My right to my eyes going, going, gone drinking and everything, and fell. Her inflated, I do not know that we had to pin. For most of the cow — is the breadwinner. That is why the villagers are afraid of losing the animal and just do not let cows out to pasture. However, those who do decide, the decision usually spared.
— Scott I have today did not come, no one came. I do not know what to think. I jumped up to 2-3 hours, did not sleep, because I have already provided such that one of them is already gone, because it could at any moment, at any time happen. The general meeting of the villagers agreed. In the death of livestock is nearby blame businessmen who grow vegetables.
— They go on our Tormino lake, we've got the Koreans, the Chinese, in my opinion, there is. What they were bullied? Then here is that green potatoes — it's poison! There, look, there nitrate something — there are just bags, and water on the nitrate run. Scattered around the fenced fields not only rotten and spoiled vegetables, but also plastic containers. To pasture for cattle no one was watching, authorized grazing in the village to do, Cows on their own.

Once again the villagers, trying to make contact with employers so that they resulted areas located around the fields, in order, run into a scandal.
— It is impossible, when you die, when you're a cow to grow and she will die at you — this is a terrible thing!

— It's clear! But you know, we are living here for six months with no light, no nothing, and when your cows are eating our vegetables that we cherish! .. You see, you do not understand, you turn away. And you have abandoned the cow, you still go and complain! When we reached the veterinary officer determined the preliminary cause of death. She served as a blockage of the gastrointestinal tract is also possible and overeating, in which animals are just swelled and then died.
 — Oleg spree, state veterinary inspector Ivolginsky district:Will be sampled from dead animals and sent to the testing laboratory, to avoid communicable diseases dangerous to humans. After researching these animals will be disposed of. The issue with the authorized grazing in the village promised to solve in the near future. Meanwhile, villagers counted loss. Who is it that is to blame, identify the effect.

Christina Sosnina


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