Luminous pork frightening housewives China


"Luminous pork" frightening housewives China. Photo:

7.03.11.Po post TV "Liaoning" 3 March, one housewife from Henan bought pork stew, but accidentally discovered that pork is lit at night. This is the second time that 'Light pork "frightening housewives.

According to the newspaper "Trafficking in the Southern Ocean," woman bought pork, fried half and the second part left on the table to cook in the morning. At night, walking past the kitchen, saw a luminous object is green. This is her very scared that I could not sleep the whole night. In the morning, she found that this is the piece of meat.

She passed the meat in a supermarket. At check found nothing unusual about the smell and color. A woman of great concern that has already eaten half of this strange pork. Neighbors and friends who heard about the incident, said that now will not eat pork.

As reported by local television, according to experts, the reason for such a glowing pork is food. If the feed exceeded the phosphorus content, the bones can illuminate.


The Epoch Times

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