Lunar eclipse photos from various parts of the world 2!

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Solar eclipse on the background of the cross on the dome of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia. Stoyan Nenov / Reuters

The first solar eclipse of 2011 began at 9:40 am on January 4 in North Africa, and ended at 15:00, Moscow time, when you come to Tibet, the north-eastern border of Kazakhstan, West Siberia and western Mongolia.

At maximum eclipse at 11:51, Moscow time, Luna closed disk of the sun by 86%. The maximum phase of the eclipse could see people in Sweden, Finland, the Baltic countries and Northwest Russia. In Copenhagen, the phase of the eclipse reached 82.6%, and in London — 74.7%. In Moscow, the eclipse began at 10:38 and peaked at 12.04, when the moon has closed 81.2% of the solar disk.

The second partial solar eclipse will occur in 2011, on June 1. At the point of its maximum, which is located on the Barents Sea near the Russian Kolguev in the Arkhangelsk region, the Sun close to 60%. This eclipse will be visible across the eastern Arctic, northern Canada, the Kamchatka Peninsula and other regions of the Russian Far East, reports RIAnovosti.

Monument of the Romanian King Carol I in Bucharest. Radu Sigheti / Reuters

Solar eclipse in Gaza. Hatem Moussa / AP

Photo taken by the French city of curls. Philippe Huguen / AFP — Getty Images

In the village of Givatayim near Tel Aviv. Ariel Schalit / AP

A silhouette of the seagull in the background of the solar eclipse on Guadalmar beach in Malaga. Jon Nazca / Reuters

Picture taken in Stockholm in double steklo.Francois Campredon / AFP — Getty Images

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