Mad World Barabashka

"Chronometer", Vladimir, n5 (301), 22.06.2005

Authors: Marina Kalinina, Sergey Petrunin

Voronezh physicist put forward the hypothesis of a sensational nature of the poltergeist

It happened in the kitchen of one of Moscow hostels for young builders. In autumn 1988, "three girls under the window," sat down to drink tea. Then suddenly there was a knock at the door. One of the girls came out on to the landing, but it was empty! And then there was another loud knock from the ceiling, the other — from the cabinet. Since that day in the room settled invisible fourth guest. The girls called him "Barabashka" and learned to communicate with him through perestukivaniya. "Barabashka" naughty at times, but at the same time and helped the hosts: turning off the iron, reminded thud of a boiling kettle, etc. Soon, this story has become famous throughout the Soviet Union. In order to distract people from the tuning difficulties of poltergeist nicknamed Barabashka ordered to write in newspapers highest court. But whether it was the first and only?

Guilty "noisy ghost"

In winter 1666 the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich reported that Moscow poorhouse Ivanov near the monastery, there is "evil spirits." Someone knocked invisible during the day and at night, shouting bad voice, and most importantly, did not allow the inhabitants of almshouses sleep, throwing them out of their beds. On the advice of the boyars king ordered to track down and bring him St. Hilarion, who was able to cast out demons prayers.
Reverend served in the poorhouse incomparable service, with tears in her eyes. Then commanded all, crossing at bedtime, and do not be afraid to go to sleep. "I hid in fear shuboyu and huddled under it, — said a witness and chronicler of events. — But the monk sprinkled holy water all the demon, and it gradually disappeared, no longer show up."
These demons and notice it after a hundred or two hundred years. Each manifested itself in its own way: one subjected house bombed rubble stones or bricks, the other hit the glass, slamming doors. Locked drawers open by themselves, and from the walls and furniture could be heard rumbling and other strange sounds. Homes are in things from time to time flew, but not just so, and create the impression that someone carries them. There have been cases of spontaneous combustion of nowhere to appear water, blood, kerosene.
The fact that there is indeed a poltergeist, did not doubt the Voronezh physicist Vladislav Boukreev, who has spent a lifetime studying the unknown and mysterious. "Barabashka" anomalies, UFOs, ball lightning, magnetic field, the internal energy of the Earth — these and many other phenomena became the basis for his research. Boukreev said that the numerous natural disasters are often associated with poltergeist "noisy spirit" in German.
Poltergeist watching around the world. For example, in 1967 in Germany in the lawyer's office in a few weeks bulbs themselves cranks in cartridges, photocopiers squirting paint on paper, because of the countless calls to the same number, which is actually one of the employees did not gain any, telephone the company was presented with a solid score.
In the years 1977-1978 aggressive outbursts poltergeist driven to despair by the family of a small house in north London. Incomprehensible force moved from room to room sofas and other bulky items, and lifted into the air and forced to fly teenage girls.
Most recently, poltergeist attacked an entire village Swan Polyana in the south-east of the Volgograd region. "Noisy spirit of" first settled in the house of 80-year-old man, but then its manifestations — the smashing of crockery, windows, clocks, flying knives, creepy illiterate notes — met almost all the village. These strange cases considered experts group on the Volga anomalies. They were even able to fix the poltergeist on video.
— However — adds Boukreev — sometimes it happens that a poltergeist is behaving kindly, gently puts household utensils. And in general — it is tied more to the people, not the place, and will follow a person throughout. And if he was "hurting" it is necessary to understand why and correct the cause of his discontent — the spirit immediately cease their antics!


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