March 11 earthquake in Japan, recorded on audio

Recording can be heard here:

There are Internet-recordings of the earthquake in Japan as they were heard in the interior of the Pacific Ocean. Entries made by underwater observatories belonging to the Japan Agency for Marine and Terrestrial Science and Technology.

Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics — Spanish division of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia — recorded underwater sounds of the earthquake that occurred in Japan on March 11. The recording was made on a network of underwater observatories, Japan Agency for Marine and Terrestrial Science and Technology. These observatories were located above the epicenter of the earthquake.

Equipped with hydrophones for underwater monitoring stations are recorded all the sounds of the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. To record could hear people, accelerated 16 times. Spectrogram site show the intensity of sound earthquake.

Recall earthquake measuring 8.9 points occurred in Japan on Friday morning, March 11 and triggered a devastating tsunami. As a result of rampant partial elements were damaged about 100,000 homes, more than 6.3 thousand buildings were completely destroyed. More than 850,000 homes in northeastern Japan are still without electricity.

Serious damage was NPP "Fukushima-1", which occurred an explosion damaged nuclear reactors and caused radiation leaks.

Evacuated from the affected areas had 446,000 inhabitants. According to the latest death toll from the disaster in Japan has exceeded 6.4 thousand people, a list of missing more than 10.2 thousand.

Source: A Look

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