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13.12.12.Grohot explosions sounding from the military range in Krasnooktyabrsky, recently again began to bother people. And not only in the surrounding communities. Sometimes these explosions rocked and Mari capital, but not yet at least once a day.

Calls readers to the Editor "MP" similar. Now residents of Yoshkar-Ola and Medvedev's district complain not only of the fact that they live in peace as in the front line. They are worried about the state of emergency that has not happened, similar to what happened in the fall on the ground in Donguz wrote about "Mari's true." Two years ago, when Krasnooktyabrsky also thundered, our newspaper published a series of reports on the villagers suffering from the proximity of the military.

As it was
Let us remember the meeting in November 2010 in Nurmi. Wait for the national newspaper journalist villagers excitedly expressed their outrage at what is happening:
— Over the years we have become accustomed to these explosions. But before they rang only once a day and at a certain time. Today the situation is unbearable. At about eleven begins the real cannonade. Can be up to five or even ten explosions every two or three minutes. Show how over the forest grow huge "mushroom". Despite the fact that we are six miles from the landfill, the blast wave is a power that can raise the hair on end, a person walking down the street or sitting by an open window in the room. After lunch, close to four hours, a new "war" in the forest. It often lasts until late at night, or even overnight. At night, in all likelihood, there are shot cartridges. Sleep impossible, not only because of the noise from the landfill. Explosions disturb the village dogs that lift a terrible barking and howling. Every now and then the alarm is car …
But that's not all. "Earthquake" after the explosions of shells cause the destruction of houses, even the new brick. In some parts of the exterior walls crumble, while others — the roof caved in and windows.
Students of local schools have complained that in such conditions it is difficult to digest the material, especially the explosions distraction during exams.
In kindergarten, where more than 60 children were brought up, was told that three-, four-kids slowly got used to the "cannonade". But this habit, according to teachers, is abnormal and dangerous to the child's mind.
Then the villagers did not know where to look for help and protection. But the situation today is, fortunately, another.

brought the situation
The republic's government gave "MP" official explanation of the measures that are taken to prevent emergency situations both on the range and in the surrounding communities.
Once again, the issue of security for ammunition disposal at the landfill site of the military unit stationed in the village Krasnooktyabrsky was considered in the government on December 5 this year. On this day, under the leadership of the Deputy Prime Minister Nikolai Kuklina ITR had narrowed meeting of the Commission of the Republic for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations and fire safety. It was attended Kazan garrison military prosecutor Sergei hump, head of the Russian Federal Security Service Alexander Burak RME, Acting the police chief of the republican Interior Ministry Andrei Bratukhin.
To eliminate the negative effects of munitions disposal method of undermining the government repeatedly appealed to the ITR Russian Ministry of Defense and the commander of the Central Military District with proposals to stop undermining the ammunition at the landfill site of the military unit. Proposed to dispose of ammunition and their components by parsing, to export them to other landfills.
In 2011, Government allocated funds, which had a damage control railway site. This road began to export ammunition to other polygons, so last year disposed of Krasnooktyabrsky practically carried out. However, in accordance with the order of the commander of the Central Military District, from January 10 this year, ammunition disposal at the landfill in the Medvedev's renewed. For this reason, the newly created certain moral tension among the public, especially after the extraordinary events in similar ranges of the Central Military District.
The President of Russia, Government ITR, municipal administrations "Medvedev's municipal district" and "Krasnooktyabr urban settlement" only for the year 2012 received 300 written complaints and complaints about the fact that the explosions disturb the local population.
There have been cases of shock waves on the building industry and housing. All the facts recorded in the relevant acts and sent to the military prosecutor's office of Kazan garrison. But reimbursement of material costs for the restoration of these facilities the Defense Ministry does not.
December 5 Commission proposed to the military prosecutor to take action Kazan garrison prosecutor's response to ensure the safety of the population of our country and to avert the threat of life-support facilities Krasnooktyabrskiy village. To do this, from 17 to 20 December, the military prosecutor's office of the garrison with the security forces in the military, the specialists of the RTN on the ITRs, Department of Rosprirodnadzor Republic, EMERCOM of Russia for the ITRs and the Department of Environmental Protection and security will be prosecutor's check the preservation of arms and ammunition, safety requirements for their destruction and disposal at the landfill site of the military unit, based in Krasnooktyabrsky.
Ministry of Interior in the Mari El to continue work on crime prevention in Krasnooktyabrsky. Rosprirodnadzor Republic recommended to organize and conduct research on the content of soil pollution around the landfill site.
Ongoing awareness activities about the unacceptability and the risk of unauthorized stay in the landfill, as well as in places of disposal of ammunition.
The leadership of the military unit is recommended to stop the landfill disposal of ammunition by detonation.
The government of Mari El intends to raise the issue to the Ministry of Defence of the complete elimination of up to 1 January 2016 the landfill this military unit. If necessary, follow and appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

That changed in a nearby military range settlements since, as a journalist, "MP" visited them last time, we'll cover in one of the next issues of the newspaper.

(Mari El).

Author: Irina Moskvina.

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