Mass death of fish in the river in the city of Nanjing Tsinhuayhe


13.05.11.Na days in some parts of the river Tsinhuayhe in Nanjing, the capital of wire. Jiangsu / China Eastern /, there was a mass fish kill, the reason of which, as informed the Nanjing government, served as a sudden lack of oxygen.

Monitoring results show that the lack of oxygen in the river associated with its pollution caused by heavy rains that ran from the afternoon until the evening of the 10th of May in the city, reported Nanking Board of Environmental Protection.

To improve the quality of local water agencies concerned have taken the necessary measures.

Qinhuai River Bazaara long been an attractive destination for tourists. It is famous for its boats with colored lanterns, which make tourists enjoy river walks.

People's Daily

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