Mass deaths of elephants in Zimbabwe

MOSCOW, November 21 — RIA Novosti. Severe drought in Zimbabwe resulted in the death of the country's largest national park Hwange about 100 elephants in the last month, the survival of thousands of elephants under threat, the website of Zimbabwe's Herald newspaper with reference to the administration of the park.

The damage caused by the death of elephants is estimated at about two million dollars. The cost of each animal, calculated on the basis of the adopted in 2009 by the government documents, is 20 thousand dollars.

The elephants — one of the main sources of income of tourism industry of Zimbabwe. Just a giant Hwange Park is home to about 40,000 elephants.

Due to the non-uniform frequency rainfall, high temperatures and unprecedented population growth in recent years authorities have started to pump water into artificial wells for drinking.

Employees of the National Park for the first time recorded a sharp increase in mortality among the elephants at the end of October. First, older individuals, and died young, who had to travel long distances to wells.

"Park Hwange — very hot and dry. We are taking active steps to remedy the situation by pumping water out of wells," — said the manager parks Zimbabwe Vitalis Chadenga (Vitalis Chadenga).

Although the drought affected many animals, most of all it affects the elephant, each with a day to an average of 225 liters of drinking water.

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