Mass mortality of Pacific gulls


15.08.11.Kamchatskie Ornithologists are alarmed in Kronotsky State Biosphere Reserve this year, claiming 90 percent of juveniles, whereas a year ago it did not exceed 15 percent.

Cause mass deaths of birds, scientists still can not explain. As the "headline" Beer Island, located in Kronotsky lake, has long been a home for the large colony of gulls.

In 1970, experts counted 500 nests there. About 400 nests were recorded last year. But by now the situation has changed dramatically: the number of nests has dropped, and 9 out of 10 chicks hatched this year, died.

Dead chicks sent to the lab. It is possible that the cause of the plague of mass chicks could become cold early summer. Another mystery — this year in the estuary Semyachikskogo not breed Aleutian tern, although for many years the colony had up to 400 pairs, the "Vostok-Media".

As reported in "Pravda.Ru", on the eve of the New Year the world's media have reported an unexplained mass bird deaths. In particular, about four thousand blackbirds dropped dead in the vicinity of a small town in Arkansas Biib. Later, similar cases occurred in Louisiana and Kentucky. Also, incidents of mass death of birds have been recorded in Canada, Sweden, Turkey, Romania, China and Italy. These events provoked apocalyptic mood in the world.



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