Mass mortality of protein in Solnechnogorsk forests


27.07.11.Uzhe three weeks Solnechnogorsk forests are massive forced migration of protein, disturbed by massive felling of trees under a line of "Moscow — Saint-Petersburg"

Residents of the village Mendeleevo told us that the phenomenon was first observed: protein groups and singly leave Solnechnogorsk forest. Many of them die under the wheels of a car — According to rough estimates, three weeks machines shot down dozens of protein only in the periodic table. Proteins are moving to Leningrad highway, where they lie in wait for the next danger.

Meanwhile, there is an official document VSN number 8/89 "Instructions for the protection of the environment during the construction and repair of roads," which prohibits the cutting of trees in the warmer months, because at that time, most of the forest animals and birds breed. Carrying out work, the destruction of the environment they live in this period is threatening them with death, says a statement on the website of the Environmental Defense of Moscow Region

But who thinks "of some sort of protein," when big money is at stake? Customers and project staff think in one direction, and the only animal that the right to life of which they are willing to respect, — the golden calf. Builders-hard workers once recognized environmental activists that at home they can not earn more than 5 thousand rubles a month, and now they were promised 80 thousand "For the money we are willing to kill," — they said.


Source: Newsland

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