Massive hole near Central City, Colorado

A massive crater on the side of the road between the towns of Black Hawk and Central City traffic slowed after the services have been forced to close lanes.

The failure occurred at the end of Gregory Street just east of Central City. Asphalt on the side of the road was absorbed by a small karst depression in the early morning on Saturday. By noon, the depression turned into the crater. Officials say about the collapse of the old mines. There is an assumption that the recent heavy rains and increased road traffic on Memorial Day could be one of the relevant factors.

The pit is approximately 30 feet wide and 50 deep. Repair crews fill it with large stones and flood the filler to stabilize. Experts say that such failures — not uncommon in Gilpin County.

"He is known as one of the richest [the minerals] square miles on Earth, and probably in the U.S.. I mean, this place back in the early 1900s, "- said Deb Zak of the Office for land development, mining and security. In the repair crews do not think that the pit will be expanded in the direction of the road, but they will continue to conduct regular monitoring of the place. Traffic will be reduced to one lane in a small area between the cities, while the service is not satisfied that the failure of filled and stabilized.


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