Mauritania asks for help in combating the effects of drought

Mauritania called on the international community to help in the fight against drought. The country needs more than 110 million euros to rescue people and livestock, said Mauritanian Prime Minister Moulay Ould Mohamed Lagdaf.

According to him, in the next few months the authorities intend to "ensure the sale of the residents most affected regions of essential goods at artificially low prices." To do this, on the territory of Mauritania will be open around 2.4 thousand specialty stores. These measures "will provide about 800 thousand people most consumed types of food — rice, butter, bread, sugar, and others," said Lagdaf.

Along with this, the government plans to buy and then sell at affordable prices for fodder. According to UN estimates, around 700,000 people in Mauritania, or about one quarter of the population, suffer from food shortages caused by the extremely low yields of sown crops.

This year's severe drought is also covered large areas of the Horn of Africa region. Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda and Djibouti, according to experts, were in the worst crisis in half a century, ITAR-TASS reported.

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