MBT-3000 — Chinese attempt to overcome the T-90S

 MBT-3000 - Chinese attempt to overcome the T-90S
Chinese newspaper «Shijie Bao» published an article devoted to the brand new Chinese tanks MBT-3000, which, according to the views of the publication, is doomed to become a world star tank market, surpassing the Russian T-90S.
As noted in the article, although the exterior differences MBT-3000 from its predecessor MBT-2000 are small configuration touched many vehicle systems. Tank uses the new 12-cylinder diesel engine «150». The tank is at least 51 m motor power of 1200 hp, which allows to reach the speed of 71 km / h on rough terrain. As a result, the mobility tank exceeds more languid foreign counterparts, kitted engines capacity of 1500 hp The article expresses the view that future export modification of the tank will use a diesel engine liquid cooling capacity of 1300 hp Turbocharged. The tank can be resettled digital navigation system module GPS. At the request of the customer can be to force this engine up to 1500 hp All components of this motor are carried out in China. Tank has in store stroke 500 km at a speed 42 km / h, can overcome water obstacles up to a depth of 4-5 m, 2.7 m wide trenches, slopes up to 60 degrees.
The tank is armed with a 125mm gun made in China, 7.62 mm coaxial and 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine guns, eight 76mm smoke grenade launchers. Ammunition for the gun is 38 shots, including autoloader — 22 shots. Large changes were fire control system, based on the principle hunter-killer. Tank resettled new type of tank guided missiles, ensuring engagement of targets at ranges up to 5000 meters Improved automatic loader. The sight is in the same block with pointing device tank guided missiles.
Tank protection noticably strengthened and consists of «base armor combined armor and additional reactive armor, with all this frontal armor thickness comparable with Leopard-2» (Leo 2 modification not listed).
As for the T-90S, its Chinese car outperforms all traits, the newspaper notes. With all this Russian tank is considered as the main rival in export markets. As for the Western cars, they, having the highest combat abilities, different prices and highest bolshennymi costs during the entire cycle of the current, which does not allow for many developing countries to receive them. Gratification on demand from developing countries such aims and MBT-3000.

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