Media: After the earthquake in Turkey are waiting in Crimea

Simferopol, October 25 (New Region, Evgeny Andreev) — tremors that occurred the other day about 800 kilometers off the coast of the Crimean peninsula, in the south-east of Turkey, wrote the seven seismic Crimea.

Seismologists do not exclude, writes in this connection the newspaper "Crimean time" that this earthquake can cause tremors and on the peninsula.

"Turkey is very close, and the like earthquakes can cause tremors in the peninsula — told reporters a leading researcher at the Department of Seismology Institute of Geophysics NASU Bell Pustovitenko. — Two days ago, our institute experts gathered for a consultation. We concluded that while in the Crimean region no unusual processes in the Earth's crust is not happening, so citizens do not worry about anything. "

Scientists around the world are not yet able to determine at what depth the epicenter aftershocks.

"Some believe that the earthquake occurred on a 90-kilometer, and others — a 7-km depth. According to our data, the epicenter was located at a depth of no more than 30 kilometers, "- said Pustovitenko.

Scientists say, sums up "Crimean time" that the Crimean region only way to be saved from such a catastrophe can only build earthquake resistant buildings.


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