Media: For 10 years due to climate change, killing more than 700 thousand people

DURBAN, 30 November. Over the past 10 years of drought, floods, torrential rains and heat waves have killed 710 thousand people, 14 thousand accidents occurred. As the InoPressa, these figures results in the publication Corriere della Sera.

So, says the publication, in 2010, the most powerful country in the world also began to suffer the effects of overheating the planet.

For example, in Russia, the heat died 56,165 people.

"Thus, the country was in fourth place on the classification of Germanwatch, a German non-governmental organization that determines the global index climate threat. Simply put, it is a classification of countries in terms of human and material loss," — the author writes.

Also high rank in occupied Pakistan, Guatemala and Colombia. But it is on the 7th and 8th places were Poland and Portugal.


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