Media: The victims of tornadoes in the U.S. is killing rare fungus

According, a rare but extremely dangerous type of mold hit of Americans affected by the tornadoes that swept through the mass number of U.S. states.

The source of infection was the remains of plants on earth and debris, which hurt the skin affected. The disease is called "zygomycosis" and has a fungal origin. The journalists said Uwe Schmidt, infectious diseases hospital Freeman Health System in Joplin, Missouri, the most affected by the tornado.

According to an infectious disease specialist, he knows at least nine people who became infected after the crash, three or four of them died. In this zygomycosis was a major factor that led to the death of patients, if not the main reason. "This is definitely amazing, because this is an extremely rare disease," — said Schmidt, writes The Daily Telegraph.

Several people in Green County, where a tornado also raged, was treated for zygomycosis the admin department of health in the Springfield Greene County Kendra Williams. The outbreak — an adverse reaction to a tornado swept over the United States, said ona.V first five — ten days after the disaster in victims, pain, swelling, changes the color of the skin. In a skin lesion may be visible mold. These symptoms should indicate zygomycosis. But depending on the characteristics of the victim, the age and health status of the disease could be delayed. Dangerous infection rapidly, causes damage to the blood. Treatment includes intravenous infection protivogribkobyh drugs, as well as removal of the affected tissues of the skin. According to the newspaper VIEW, from the beginning of this year in the United States were victims of multiple tornadoes 523. This is the largest number of victims of tornadoes in the last 75 years. In 1936, from a tornado, according to official statistics, killing 552 Americans.

Since the beginning of this year in the United States have fallen more than one thousand tornadoes, one third of which occurred in April, when a formed in various cities and states tornadoes killed more than 360 people.

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