Mediterranean storm caused the disaster in North Africa

Heavy rain that raged for two days, have caused major flooding in north-eastern Algeria, killing 20 and wounding 56 people. On Sunday, almost all the major cities on the coast of Algeria experienced a storm hit the Mediterranean "Christina", accompanied by heavy rain and storm wind.
According to the state news agency APS, the most affected Tebessa, Tlemsen and M'Sila, where floods killed nine people. Another man was killed by a direct hit of lightning in Blida, 21 houses here on the roof was flooded with water rushing down from the mountains. Elements raged 48 hours, affecting 22 out of 48 districts of the country. Only for the last day in the capital of Algeria fell 99 m rainfall exceeding 3 monthly rates! Intense rains have been observed even in the south in the Sahara Desert.
Weather forecast chart of the National Weather Service in Germany. © DWD
Bad weather caused great damage and devastated the country after a prolonged heat wave, accompanied by drought and wildfires. Recall that in early August, the fiery element destroyed 21,000 hectares of deficit in the north African forests.


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