Meteorologists promise in Sochi to the end of August warm weather

Weather in Sochi before the end of August will be quite warm and rainy, according to meteorologists, but they emphasize that the development of science is not yet possible to predict the catastrophic rainfall earlier than a few hours.

"Weather in the south of the unstable, deep tropospheric trough continues to spread further south, down to Turkey. Who Sochi imposed air from the southwest, while there is a good clear weather. Snow, mainly concentrated in the east and in the center of Krasnodar region, on areas of the North Caucasus, in western Turkey, "- said the representative of the meteorologist.

According to her, on Friday in Sochi could be heavy rains over the weekend may be sunny with thunderstorms.

"Night time is 18-20 degrees, well into the daylight hours — about 28-29 degrees. Precipitation is unevenly distributed — sometimes intermittent rain, thunderstorms, gusty winds, rain can sometimes be strong," — she said.

Talking about the weather for the rest of August, she said she expects Hydrometeorological that rainfall will be near normal or slightly above normal. The meteorologist explained that the norm for Sochi in August — 123 millimeters of rain, while in the middle of the week was already "selected" 21 millimeters.

Companion agency stressed that at the moment, scientists can not predict in advance abnormal weather phenomena like catastrophic strong rainfall that led to flooding in Krymsk.

"The level of development of science and technology is not to predict the exact amount of rainfall, as well as to predict an anomaly, as it is beyond the average, climate framework. We can not predict the peak intensity," — she said.

Commenting on claims by some media that the alleged conditions in Sochi have to repeat in this region of the Crimean situation meteorologist representative noted that heavy rainfall is typical for the area, where one side of the sea coast, and the other — the mountains.

"Intense precipitation there are quite possible, especially as Sochi — the wettest place in the country, it has been compared to Vladivostok" — she said.

Storm warnings, added the agency interlocutor, meteorologists can issue only when they see on the radar screens form a "weather system" that is, a few hours before the start of the heavy rain.

According to her, the annual rainfall in Sochi, 1.67 thousand millimeters, and a record of that recorded in the late 19th century — 2.8 thousand millimeters. In this case, the annual rate for Moscow is 650-700 millimeters.

These weather phenomena associated with intense convection — strong vertical air currents that arise in warm and humid climates because of the contrast between the temperature conditions of the land and sea.

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