Mexico freeze

lResidents of Mexico stradayuta of the strongest in the past 50 years cold. The country is marked drop in temperature to -18 ° C. hypothermia 6 people died. Power plants can not handle the load and fail. Authorities had shut down factories.In Mexico, located on the same latitude as Egypt and India, established unusually cold weather. Temperatures range from -18 ° C to -10 ° C, reports Reuters. Some regions have been recorded temperatures down to -21 ° C. This, say the local weatherman, there was no past fifty years. Freezing conditions threaten delayed: the first cold hit the country at the beginning of the week. "In the past there have been such temperatures, but there was never that cold lasted so long," — said the head of security services of the city of Ciudad Juarez (on the border with the U.S.) Efren Matamoros.In northern Mexico fail station.The authorities were forced to stop 17 power. As a result, the region has serious shortages of energy."This is the worst cold that I felt — complains 27-year-old housewife Carmen Rosales from Ciudad Juarez. — I live in a wooden house in which only two rooms. I do not have a gas heater, just electric. However, the electricity is off.The only thing I can do for my two children, it is cover them with blankets. "In this position there were millions of people who literally survive in houses with thin walls and no heating. Only in Ciudad Juarez are 1.5 million people.Since the school is also no heating, director canceled classes. Stores do not work, and the food supplies the residents coming to an end. Rescue workers and emergency services brought in towns and cities gas cylinders for heaters, and water: the settlements are not working pumps, so there is no water in the pipes. People line up in long queues to get help.Have died due to hypothermia six.In general, state the doctors, it's older people who lived alone in the old, dilapidated houses.The Government of Mexico has taken extraordinary measures to provide power de-energized city.Was terminated a contract to supply electricity to the U.S. state of Texas, because of the last snowfall occurred power blackouts.Also called on the owners of large power plants and factories, which a lot on the line with the United States to voluntarily suspend at peak load on the power supply — in the morning and evening, when residents include heaters. Some of the enterprises in the north followed the request of authorities. In particular, workers talk about reducing working hours in the steel and brewery. However, the Federal Electricity Commission notes that some companies continue to operate at full power.Meteorologists have warned that in the coming days and colder in the southern regions of the country. In addition, on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Mexico is expected to stormRead more:


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