Midwest drowned in the snow

Photoreview: http://www.vseneprostotak.ru/2011/02/sredniy-zapad-utonul-v-sugrobah

Powerful cyclone, which originated off the coast of Mexico, to gain strength, covered the Midwest United States. Wind speed in some areas up to 80 kilometers per hour. Heavy snowfall covered almost half of the United States, burying parts of the Midwest under 60 cm of snow.


According to authorities, the wind and ice caused the failure of power lines in the area from Texas to New England.


Freezing rain and a sharp drop in temperature not only led to the break lines, but also to the failure of several electrical substations.


U.S. East Coast suspended rail service between New York, Philadelphia and Boston. In Boston because of snowfall does not work by public transport.


National Met Office warns that snow fell upon the cyclone makes moving around the country is almost "impossible" and "life-threatening", so residents of the country are best to wait out the storm at home. As expected, the snow cyclone delayed over the country for at least three days.


Source: Meteonovosti

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