Mill Myths: where did Nibiru?

We all have heard that in December this year, "breaks" the Mayan calendar, and we will have an end. But on the version put forward his reasons are very, very much. One of them — the collision of Earth with a mysterious planet Nibiru.

Meanwhile, in contrast to NASA conspiracy issued a statement that no Nibiru is not in sight!

The world first learned of the "planet of the Apocalypse" in 1976, the book writer and paleoufologa Zecharia Sitchin "The Twelfth Planet". The author has published a translation made by him personally Sumerian cuneiform, which allegedly mentioned the mythical wandering planet in the solar system. According to the interpreter, Nibiru, the so called pilgrim ancient Sumerians, moves in an elongated orbit, and every 3600 years comes between Mars and Jupiter.

Sitchin wrote that Nibiru is a symbol of a winged disk, which is found in the myths of many peoples of the ancient East. Also in the Sumerian texts allegedly mentioned that on this planet live highly intelligent beings — Anunnaki, which the Sumerians worshiped as deities. When Nibiru comes close to the Earth, its inhabitants descend on our planet and are in contact with humans …

In 1995, a psychic Nancy Lieder announced that came into contact with the aliens, to warn her of the collision with the planet Nibiru in 2003. Conspiracy theorists began to prepare for the apocalypse, but it certainly did not happen. Then there was found a new clue — the Mayan calendar, which ends in record December 21, 2012 in our chronology. That's when we should expect the appearance of Nibiru insidious! — Decided alarmists.

In 2010, ufologists have tried to pass off as Nibiru Comet Elenin: they claimed that a celestial body must hit the ground. But instead, the comet deviated to the sun and broke into fragments.

But to give up the idea of a close end of the world was not so easy. Some of "independent researchers" unearthed in the archives of Astrophysical Journal Letters, 1984 article about the discovery of several infrared sources that have no analogues.

Here it is, Nibiru! — Cheered advocates of a collision with an apocalyptic planet. However, nothing much in the opening of such facilities is not, and, as a rule, they are distant galaxies, and planets are not rushing to the Earth.

Nibiru is often confused with the hypothetical "Planet X". The fact is that after the discovery of the planet Uranus in 1781, it became clear that not all of the major bodies of the solar system can be seen from Earth with the naked eye. Indeed, in 1846, was by astronomical calculations discovered Neptune, and in 1930 — Pluto, who, however, later picked planet status.

At the moment we know of 11 objects with a diameter of more than 800 kilometers, located beyond the orbit of Neptune. In addition, it is possible that at the edge of the solar system, the Oort cloud, there are objects the size of Pluto or even more.

A group of scientists led by astronomer Michael Brown was seeking large bodies on the outskirts of the solar system.

According to Mike Brown and his colleagues, the very existence of the planet with such non-standard orbit, which is attributed to Nibiru, is highly questionable. Such a body would bring the solar system from a state of stability, and, in addition to the Earth, it would be "attacked" by the other planets. Besides, if we were talking about the December cataclysm, Nibiru would have already been seen by the naked eye, according to the calculations, it is already in April, the sky would shine brightly enough.

In addition to the body with these parameters have grown closer to the Earth this December, it must three years before perihelion passage to be away from us within 10 astronomical units, which means that its diameter must not exceed 50 kilometers, the scientists calculated. Consequently, the albedo (reflectivity) of the object can not be higher than 0.1. It is unlikely that the world, which most of the period of his conversion from the Sun, life is possible, and the more the appearance of an intelligent civilization …

True, ufologists believe that the approach of Nibiru simply hiding NASA not to cause panic among the population. Although after watching the sky, and many amateur astronomers, which is not easy to silence. And NASA gets most of the data from independent professionals, said David Morrison of the Astrobiology Institute of the National Aerospace Agency of the United States. So that information about the planet-threatening us sooner or later leaked to the media. It can be concluded that Nibiru — is nothing more than a myth, which should not be feared.


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